Look At You, Lucifer.

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Look At You Lucifer.

Look at you, you’re pitiful.

Always jotting down words you hide behind coming off so meaningful only to make sure they don’t know you’ve completely lost control.

Look at you with your shattered halo, that’s what you get, you are no longer an angel.

Look at you, with your horns coming in so viciously. This is your place, you devil.

You’re a fraud, telling people to be happy and optimistic, yet you lurk in that same darkness continuing to be stay pessimistic.

Look at you always wishing; Look at you always scheming.

You better start doing more little Lucifer, her gaze is headed elsewhere upon someone much more preferred to have forever.

Look at you, you’re pathetic.

Oh, you don’t agree? Well then prove it.

If you really want to kill yourself just remember that your story is not one people will tell.

Look at you, you aren’t being yourself.

You cut all your friends out before you even asked them for help on all these feelings you have felt.

You cut your girl out because confronting her with the fact that you want to kill yourself is just too hard to tell, it would just lead you to yell.

That angel never deserves to get yelled at, this I know but my emotions get the best of me and I do exactly that.

What kind of man is that?

Look at you Lucifer, self-destructing again trying to find a way to get better.

Look at you Lucifer, now tell me, do you like who you see in the mirror?



Making A Difference.

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As I listen to you talk about how much you want to make a difference and how much you want to change the world, I can’t fight the urge of that smirk that is beginning to form.

No offense, honestly. I am listening to you, I confess to you I am not bored.

I remember sounding just like you. Speaking in words that you believe will fabricate a picture of this world you’ve constituted in your head night and night again as you lay your head down to sleep away and dream.

No judgment, I am all ears.
Tell me all your pleasures, tell me all of your fears. Don’t shy away, don’t disappear.

Please, tell me.

Please, tell me everything.

You must wonder, “Why the smirk?”
Instinctively jumping to conclusions inferring that I am just a jerk.

If I must answer such a silly assumption, you’ll only hear me articulate in such an animated way just as you are right now.
It gets my heart racing, it gets my heart pumping.

The only thing that you would hear differently is where Its not that I want to make a difference IN this world. I want to make a difference in others lives.

Ambitious goal you may think but tell me, are you intrigued?

As I see a smile begin to form as you collect your thoughts to answer that is to be exactly what I thought it would be.

Yes, striking that interest in others has now offered me a chance to live up to that name that has a strong meaning.

You want to change the world?
You want to make a difference?

Let me take your world and give it a little twirl with asking you if you know the world within?

You are your own world, to make the world we all share different you must know the universe enclosed in this temporary vessel wrapped in skin completely, inside and out.

Before you can make a difference out there, you must commence that difference in yourself. Channel energy others enjoy having in their circle.

Change your point of view towards the short time we are here. Face your fears, so you can move forward thinking more clear with both hands on the wheel ready to steer yourself down the path that is envious to your peers.

Arms held out with open arms to only help them down that path, turning that enviousness into humbleness.

Spread love, knowledge and good vibes;

Nothing less.

Now that’s making a difference.

Those Meaningful Words.